Portraits 101 Class in UP Diliman x How to Get Great Portraits.

Happening during my portraits class and some tips on how to take better photos.


(Date of event: April 23, 2018)

Three words to describe this class. “It was lit!” That’s how I can best describe it. I love how we got to take photos with a resident model for that specific class. We were around 12 students, the most populated class I’ve been to.

Since I’ve been doing photography for almost 3 years, I was confident enough to instruct the model how she would pose and communicate with her on what vibe I want to give in the portraits based on the outfit she’s wearing.

Here are some of the portraits I’ve done…

Model: Dannah Miscala

Camera used: Nikon D7000

Location: Around UP Diliman

Date: April 23, 2018

Overall, I really enjoyed taking pictures of her because in one single instruction she knows what to do. I was ecstatic that time and decided to get extra with the shoot. I was also able to ask her some questions like, “When did you start modeling?” She replied, “I’ve been modeling for 2 years already.”

I edited everything that same afternoon and finished at around 11 pm. I used Adobe Lightroom 4 and VSCO for the post-processing. Gosh, this was one of the best shots I’ve done for a portrait shoot. Most people thought that this was professionally done when in fact I did all of these by myself.

Let’s get REAL here. If you are a beginner in photography, I don’t think you would enjoy this activity as much as I did. Because taking pictures alone without having prior knowledge of the basics of photography will leave you frustrated because the output will either look too DARK or too BRIGHT plus it is also time-consuming on your part. Another issue will be your lack of ideas on how will you position your model for your portrait. You will just be blank. Just blank.

But it’s okay because I am here to give some tips on how to get great portrait shots:

  1.  Know the basic settings in your camera. – Knowing the basic settings in your camera will help you a lot in exposing your pictures properly. There are 3 components in photography that you must know when you’re using manual mode.  Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO.  You must set your shutter speed first and your set your ISO last for you to get optimal exposure in your photos. In bright light, always set your ISO to 100.

2.  Get some inspiration. – In order for you to get some ideas in portraits, you must check other portraits captured by fellow photographers. Photographers like Brandon Woelfel and Peter McKinnon take really great portraits. I suggest you check out their social media sites to check it out. But I am sure there are a lot of photographers who take impressive portraits as well. You may rely on Instagram and Google to search for some awesome looking portraits and study them.

3.) Just play around. – The magic won’t spark if you don’t use your imagination. Go ahead. play with some cool photography techniques and play it around in your portraits. Fairy lights and cd discs are great tools to level up your skills in photography.

4.) Learn post-processing – For starters, you can use Adobe Lightroom to do some final touches in your photos and even manipulate certain colors. I personally love complementing colors based on the model’s skin type and the color of her outfit. For an alternative app, you can always filter the photo with VSCO. It is the bomb! I love their presets and you can tweak it out on what vibe you are going for.

5.) Never take blurry portraits. – Blurry portraits are an eyesore for the viewer. It is just not advisable for portraits since it distracts the attention of the viewer. Make sure your subject’s on focus first before capturing.


And here are some few tips on how to level up your portraits. I hope that these tips are helpful for those who are studying portrait photography. Keep in mind that it takes time to establish yourself as a photographer but endless practicing, learning, and experimenting, for sure you can have the #portraitgoals you’ve always dreamed of.  Don’t assume that you are already mastered portraits once you took a great shot, Just keep on learning photography in hopes that you will be recognized for your work. Thank you for reading. 😀

– – Jermaine Makimkim,


My Photography Career.

How will I start this? Hey! I am back after several months of hiatus. So many things have happened for the past few months that I decided to step away from my blogging career. Now that I am back, today’s blog is going to be all about my photography career.

I don’t think my photography aesthetic has changed but I want you to be the judge on the progress I’ve made throughout the months.

Here are some of the photos I’ve captured in 2017:

I’ve explored myself on landscapes and sceneries. I felt like I was making travel content at that time. Most people said I leveled up my photography skills since I started in 2015 but I think I have to make more improvement because I noticed that my photos were just there. It was dull for me. I needed some inspiration to bring the magic out of my photos.

A year later of discovery and learning…

So far, I think I made some improvements but it will be better.if you’re the judge for this.

Anyways, I made this blog as the first blog for 2018 plus I am now celebrating 1 year of making blogs now! Hope that this will continue and oneday I will establish myself as a blogger in the future! 😀


Jermaine Makimkim, amateur blogger.

Heavenly Pangasinan

The most heavenly sunset I saw so far.

We visited Pangasinan last March for my cousin’s civil wedding. It was a memorable milestone for our family. (dad’s side) We had family bonding afterwards with a lunch buffet and went to the house of my cousin afterwards. The wife of my cousin asked me if we wanted to visit Lingayen Beach to witness the sunset there. We said yes. We went there before sunset, around 5pm i guess.

When I was capturing the beautiful sunset, this happened…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really love the cloud formations on the sky because it is formed perfectly and it blends to one another to create art plus the lovely sun over there. I got a lot of shots from that scenery alone. I was really happy! As we were walking back home, we saw another sunset which I need to capture. It was so PERFECT! I can’t resist my eyes to it. I was really satisfied when we reached home. I have things to post that time 🙂

The sunset and cloud formations are really heavenly in Lingayen Beach. I recommend going there if you’re planning your vacation here in the Philippines especially if you’re into photography. ❤

The 2nd Day Escapade: My Heart Fell for You

“A memory unforgotten.”

“My heart fell for you.” The first thing I said when I arrived at Boracay’s smooth, clean, white beach. Arriving at Boracay was like entering a paradise. The moment I arrived , the first thing I saw was its beach. I saw the clear, blue waves passing by the beach with its tall, sturdy trees standing beautifully in our eyes. My favorite part was the time I stepped to their smooth, white sand barefooted. It was an unforgettable experience that I would remember for years.

I expected that owh okay we’re just going to swim and take pictures of ourselves. You know, practical tourist xD But I was wrong. Boracay trip wouldn’t be exciting without ADVENTURE. 1st day was like:

“Owh ok. We’re just going to be chill around the area.”

“MYGAS so init! I want to sleep in the hotel na!”

“Wow! So beautiful but could I sleep first?”

“Water, water, water!”

It was because we arrived at the 13th of April, 2017 at around 12pm. The heat was really soaring up high, higher than my future xD (huhuhuhu!) It was not until the second day the adventure started. We arrived at the beach as early as 8:30 am. We were able to appreciate the beauty of the beach for the 1st time in 10 years. Island hopping was the 1st agenda in our bucketlist so we did just that. IMG_20170414_231713_797[1]

It was an island to island experience! From deep snorkling, sunny sunbathing, to limitless eating. Island hopping was a total package! I can’t sum up our activities during the course of the package. It was a fun and cool experience for the family 🙂 .

During the afternoon, I didn’t expect that we will ride the banana boat for the first time in my life. I got elated when I knew that for that will be another adventure! I was like:


“Yes finally!”


And so much more crazy expressions that you could think off. I was the only one in the family who took the risk and let go both hands during the ride. Yes, I was brave that time heheheh. The ride unfortunately lasted for 15 mins only and I wanted to ride again but it was TOO expensive for our pockets. I was then contented after that.

By the time the evening came. We came to the beach and ate dinner at Gerry’s Grill. It was a 2 hour wait and we ate our hearts out. My mom decided that we will walk and look for the fire dancers at Station 1. We were at Station 2 so therefore we need to walk all the way to Station 1 just to look for them. At first we thought that there were no dancers around the beach. We lost hope until my older sister found them flashing around the dimmed lighted beach. It was worth every sweat! Took unlimited photos and these were my products.

You couldn’t really expect what would happen. I just keep my expectations low and enjoy simple things. Boracay beach was already enjoying but this escapade was spectacular! I do not know when I will go back there. My heart misses Boracay already 😦 This was one of the highlights for me this summer. This will definitely be a memory unforgotten.

Listen to your Own Intuition

My debut blog!

“Listen to your own intuition.” It’s my own self-created motto based on my everyday experience. I do believe that we have our own instinct when comes to our hobbies. Passionate souls explore their craft by experimenting new things, going out of their comfort zone, and discovering endless possibilities. Personally I love capturing landscapes and portraits but sometimes I think that this photo could be more beautiful and catchy to the eyes. That’s where intuition kicks in.

I can’t post a picture straight off from the bat for I think that this photo could be beautified through enhancement/editing. Critical analysis and creative thinking comes into role. I have to produce a photo that would look modern, chic, and aesthetic. The edit should not be too plain nor too EXAGGERATED. It should be an eye catcher and a jaw dropper. I never settle for less but I also believe that less is more. Every edit for me is another project so I give it my best shot. 1493572532534[1].jpg

After posting the finished product on Instagram (jerjerkim14, follow me 😀 ) My relatives would say that my pictures are well angled and are of good quality, that’s for the positive feedback but for improvement they do tell what I lack and try to improve on that. I am open for improvement. My dad told me that if want to be successful in my craft, never close your doors for opportunities and improvement. That became my perspective since then.

Your product really depends on you. You have the power to produce quality products in your chosen hobbies. Not all people will appreciate your creativity because you can’t please everyone. My only tip for rookie photographers, just start. You will eventually improve and learn. Listen to your own intuition for YOU are in control of your creativity. Stop holding back and start off your career.