Unforgettable Yacht Experience

A check onto my bucketlist. XD


Have you ever wondered what is life inside a yacht? Do you think it will happen in your whole entire life? Or maybe it will always remain a dream for a lifetime? We got the opportunity to experience life in a yacht with the help of our “tito” who is the chief finance officer of a company popular here in the Philippines. This might be a once in a lifetime experience so my family didn’t miss that opportunity.

It was in May 12, 2017 when we went to Manila Yacht Club ( exclusive for members only. wow! very rich.) It was something I didn’t expect during my stay there in the Philippines. lidow_20175139396393-01[1]

As we entered the yacht I was like:

“Woah! Very luxurious.”

“Oh my!”



And so much more exaggerating expressions I said inside my head. It was an opportunity for me to take several pics within one day. I am so happy that I fulfilled my day with photographs.

I took the time to enjoy my eyes with sceneries I witnessed during the yacht experience. It is something to be blessed and thankful of. God really does create beautiful masterpieces.


My inner travel blogger also came out because of this.


The rest was history. We enjoyed every single hour inside that yacht. We ate yummy spaghetti, barbeque, lumpiang shanghai, and fried chicken. Yum, yum, yum!  This experience is something I can’t forget. This is a just an experience on what is like to be rich. But I am not seeing myself owning a yacht because destiny thinks it is not the time yet. And besides I am happy on what I have right now. I just grabbed the opportunity and enjoy while it lasts.

I am thankful of my “tito” who invited us to their yacht. The dream on being inside a yacht finally came true and this will serve as an another unforgettable experience I had for this year.