Mesmerizing Evening

November 11, 2017

Hmmm… Everything was unplanned during that day. I didn’t expect to be going out that evening and taking photos of the beautiful sceneries in Corniche, Al-Khobar. But then I was restricted by my parents not to take pictures of the locals in the Kingdom which made things harder as a photographer. I was not planning on having a night photoshoot because all I want to do is just play with my phone throughout the evening.

I was just watching on Netflix while walking around the park when I saw a light post that seemed attractive enough for me to take photos with. Since that moment, I kept on taking pictures at every angle possible. I was obsessed. I cannot stop taking pictures at that moment. Then I started imagining mesmerizing New York evening vibes while taking pictures which made me continue capturing moments around the park. Here are some of the pictures.

Here are some of the masterpieces I’ve captured so far. It is not the best yet. I have to invest in a lens that works on night photography. To wrap things up, I was just being anti-social to people by working on a photo portfolio that I will compile for future applications in universities. I hope that I will start blogging more often. More posts to come.

– Jermaine Makimkim


Sunkissed Sunset

Hello! I know it’s been a while and yet I took the time with this article that I captured last Eid. Sunset was mainly my subject for the photoshoot I’ve done at Aramco Beach in Al – Khobar, Saudi Arabia. At first I was like, “Where is the sun?” “Why the sky is so plain? The sun should set by now.” Then the moment I saw the sun, my eyes was so attracted to the sun that I immediately rushed to my camera bag and get my DSLR and artistically capture the sunset.

Here are some of my photos:


These are what I call “Sunkissed Sunset” because the colors remind me of the L.A. sunset vibes wherein the colors and tones of the sky during sunset is so beautiful to see, it looks like it’s been kissed by the sun. So heavenly!

To be able to come up with great photos, know your basics first and put passion onto your work. 😀

Yesterday’s Goodbye

May 16, 2017

The day to where I left the Philippines. Yes, and I know that my stay there is over. I made several memories during my 2 months stay there. I remember the last thing I ate at the house was garlic rice and corned beef. Prepared by my loving grandmother/lola. I already missed her. I am happy because of her. PicsArt_05-18-09.34.11-01[1]

Though I know that goodbyes aren’t the end and I’ll be back in 7 months, I still have this sentimental feeling whenever I’ll leave my relatives but at the same time, I would be able to focus on myself religiously. Things do change. It does get busy, I get busy with my photography career and they get busy as well. So the sentiment fades away. The first week will definitely be an adjustment period to the timezone you’re currently in.

Here are the struggles that follow:

“Ugh so hot here! I cannot breathe! *pant pant* ”

“Ugh I cannot sleep huhuhu!”

“Ugh why the time is so sloooow?”


So so much more crap that goes along your way. But at the end of the day. You made memories during your vacation stay in your destination. I hope there are more memories to come in my crazy, beautiful life 🙂 May God bless us all.


Unforgettable Yacht Experience

A check onto my bucketlist. XD

Have you ever wondered what is life inside a yacht? Do you think it will happen in your whole entire life? Or maybe it will always remain a dream for a lifetime? We got the opportunity to experience life in a yacht with the help of our “tito” who is the chief finance officer of a company popular here in the Philippines. This might be a once in a lifetime experience so my family didn’t miss that opportunity.

It was in May 12, 2017 when we went to Manila Yacht Club ( exclusive for members only. wow! very rich.) It was something I didn’t expect during my stay there in the Philippines. lidow_20175139396393-01[1]

As we entered the yacht I was like:

“Woah! Very luxurious.”

“Oh my!”



And so much more exaggerating expressions I said inside my head. It was an opportunity for me to take several pics within one day. I am so happy that I fulfilled my day with photographs.

I took the time to enjoy my eyes with sceneries I witnessed during the yacht experience. It is something to be blessed and thankful of. God really does create beautiful masterpieces.


My inner travel blogger also came out because of this.


The rest was history. We enjoyed every single hour inside that yacht. We ate yummy spaghetti, barbeque, lumpiang shanghai, and fried chicken. Yum, yum, yum!  This experience is something I can’t forget. This is a just an experience on what is like to be rich. But I am not seeing myself owning a yacht because destiny thinks it is not the time yet. And besides I am happy on what I have right now. I just grabbed the opportunity and enjoy while it lasts.

I am thankful of my “tito” who invited us to their yacht. The dream on being inside a yacht finally came true and this will serve as an another unforgettable experience I had for this year.


Unexpectedly memorable,


This is my AHEAD FAM (KSHS1-17) <3. I’ve been with them since April 24 for my advance review for the upcoming entrance exam for senior high school. They are my #squadgoals and my new family! We came from different parts of Metro Manila and some provinces here in the Philippines. We came to Ahead with one objective and that is to pass the entrance exam. IMG_20170510_231852_754[1]

We started the review program last April 24, 2017 with an unexpected, bloody diagnostic exam. I was really shy at that time with no one to talk with. We were asked position ourselves 1 seat apart when sitting in the classroom, you know, the typical exam setup. My professor was kinda strict and serious at that time. I inferred myself that he must be a college student from Ateneo, La Salle, or UP. Upon answering the exam, I was shocked on what I will answer. It was a WTF moment for me because there were some items that I haven’t taken yet. So I just answered with the best of my abilites. Before finishing the 1st exam, time is over! O shoot, i’m not finished with this exam yet! Huhuhuhu.  We had 6 subjects: Reasoning, Language Proficiency, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science, and Critical Analysis. Out of the 6, I only finished the Language Proficiency part 🙂 . It was my first time answering an exam with 285 items! It was a shock for me.

As the days pass by, I started to talk with my classmates and develop a bond with one another. I did not expect the love that I received from them. There were no one sided conversations with us. All of us were talking. 😀 I thought that they were the typical famous people who are not easy to approach with because of their looks. (I know kinda stereotypical tho) I WAS WRONG! I was able talk with most people in our class with ease. All of them were genuine. I listened to some of their stories and told them my story in Saudi in a nutshell. But at the same time I prioritized my review lessons for a better future hehehe. Break time was the best opportunity to hang out with them and chill around.

The fun thing in our review lessons is that we play games! That is one factor why we developed our bond. The games were fun and informative at the same time! We enjoy and laugh during the games we played. Sometimes it gets crazy as the game gets more intense HAHAHA. At the end, we were sports to one another.

The whole course of the review program was spectacular. I recently finished the review program earlier. (May 10, 2017) I have no other words to say during my experience at Ahead and to describe my new family right now. This helped me prepare for my entrance exam, gain more friends, and communicate with other people. My squad will always have a place in my heart! I will remember this experience when I get back to Saudi soon. I hope we will have a hangout together this Christmas hehehehe. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! 😀 ❤ I love you all. ❤

Heavenly Pangasinan

The most heavenly sunset I saw so far.

We visited Pangasinan last March for my cousin’s civil wedding. It was a memorable milestone for our family. (dad’s side) We had family bonding afterwards with a lunch buffet and went to the house of my cousin afterwards. The wife of my cousin asked me if we wanted to visit Lingayen Beach to witness the sunset there. We said yes. We went there before sunset, around 5pm i guess.

When I was capturing the beautiful sunset, this happened…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really love the cloud formations on the sky because it is formed perfectly and it blends to one another to create art plus the lovely sun over there. I got a lot of shots from that scenery alone. I was really happy! As we were walking back home, we saw another sunset which I need to capture. It was so PERFECT! I can’t resist my eyes to it. I was really satisfied when we reached home. I have things to post that time 🙂

The sunset and cloud formations are really heavenly in Lingayen Beach. I recommend going there if you’re planning your vacation here in the Philippines especially if you’re into photography. ❤

Unplanned Aesthetic.

Things never go the way we planned it.


April 27, 2017. 5:10 pm (Philippine Standard Time), FBR Arcade, Katipunan Ave. , Quezon City.

We were dismissed on our review for Senior High School entrance exam. I called my parents and they told me:

“Anak, we are in traffic at EDSA. We might arrive a little late. You make hintay (wait) nalang.”

As an regular, obedient, Filipino child, I said ” Yes po.”

I went out of the building with me waiting around the building. There we’re 3 options that I could do while waiting but each one of them has its cons.

1. ) I could buy pizza at Yellow Cab (which is beside our building) Unfortunately, they do not offer a slice of pizza which is more practical than buying yourself 1 whole box and eat your heart out ; and I am broke at that time.

2.) I could wait at the lobby of our review center but I do not know what is the password of the WiFi there. Besides, I don’t have anything to edit at that time.

3.) Go out around the building and sweat the HELL out there! I have no towel to wipe on.

These are my thoughts during that time. :

“MY GAS what will I do for the next 30 minutes?!”

“How to be productive po? 😦 ”

“Grabii ang INIT! JOSKO LORD!”

“Smile lang kahit uwing- uwi ka na! ”

I was sitting at a chair when I remember that I was wearing my classic black and white Vans at that time. I also remembered that I have a black Nokia phone in hand with me and the floor outside the building was black.

” *ting* I have an idea! ”

Then I got the bright idea to come up with another photo shoot which was somehow “aesthetic” I guess. Tried different angles and different poses on my shoes and phone. This happened after 50+ pics of the same thing.


After taking shots of these photos, I didn’t expect that I have something to post! I thought that the photo will be ugly, unprofessional, unaesthetic, etc. After seeing these shots. These satisfy me to post it on Instagram. It is my first time to take an aerial photo of my shoes and my cellphone because most of the time my shoes looks crap, my outfit is mismatch, and the lighting is CRAP.  Things really happen when you least expect it.

A few days after I posted it, some of my classmates at the review saw my IG post and they were like:

“OMG! Your feed is goals!”

“Very aesthetic!”

“How do you take pictures? It looks so on point!”

“I like the shoes and the picture!”

And so much more compliments that I did not saw coming. I may not be the best Instagrammer but I will continue on pursuing my photography and post it on Instagram. I am already contented to where I am today. Opportunities will come its way when I deserve it. For now I will enjoy my photography career and of course my blogging career. Why look on what you don’t have when you can work on what you have and create a product out of it. Things will never go the way you planned; it might be better. We can’t really tell. Just do what you want to do and pursue it. Unlikely situations are the new opportunities for new possibilities.