Sunkissed Sunset

Hello! I know it’s been a while and yet I took the time with this article that I captured last Eid. Sunset was mainly my subject for the photoshoot I’ve done at Aramco Beach in Al – Khobar, Saudi Arabia. At first I was like, “Where is the sun?” “Why the sky is so plain? The sun should set by now.” Then the moment I saw the sun, my eyes was so attracted to the sun that I immediately rushed to my camera bag and get my DSLR and artistically capture the sunset.

Here are some of my photos:


These are what I call “Sunkissed Sunset” because the colors remind me of the L.A. sunset vibes wherein the colors and tones of the sky during sunset is so beautiful to see, it looks like it’s been kissed by the sun. So heavenly!

To be able to come up with great photos, know your basics first and put passion onto your work. 😀